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Establishing Sound Winery/Distributor Relations

Wine professionals at William Hayde Estates help you with brand recognition and distribution growth. We are a full-service company specializing in brand management, brokering, development and consulting in the wine industry. We help you establish sound winery/distributor relations. 

Brand Management

William Hayde Estates assists wineries currently in the marketplace in managing their business in the United States. We analyze inventory, depletion reports, and work directly with the winery's wholesalers on pricing and programs.


William Hayde Estates ensures long-term success through all phases of your business cycle. We help and assist wineries in gaining new distribution contracts in specific markets.

Brand Agent

We, at William Hayde Estates, are committed to offering you wine supply solutions. We assist wineries in navigating the complex compliance laws in the United States, implementing competitive pricing and packaging in industrial markets. We also assist wineries not currently in distribution in the United States.


At William Hayde Estates, we work closely with each client to assess and identify their key strategic solutions and operational needs. We help you in keeping your winery on the path to success.

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