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Welcome to William Hayde Estates

William Hayde Estates

William Hayde Estates is a full-service company specializing in brand management and development in the wine industry and winery/distributor relations. As wine professionals, we help you with brand recognition and distribution growth. We have extensive knowledge on the wine industry. Although the company was started in 2015, Bill has been in the wine business for over 30 years.

Innovative Solutions for Your Winery

We work with you to assess and identify problems, and implement critical solutions to get your winery back on track and to keep you on the intended path to success. Our innovative solutions are available for clients nationally and internationally.

Develop Your Businesses

We offer a range of services to wineries and wine regions who seek to develop their businesses. At William Hayde Estates, our clients are our family and family comes first to us! We believe both your time and our time is valuable. 


Luca Currado, Vietti

“I would like to describe you in a few words our working relationship with Bill Hayde. For a number of years now we have been cooperating with Bill Hayde of MSW and during that period of time we have come to appreciate his reliability and the hard work ethic. He was our point of reference at MSW and during the transition times with the new ownership - the Vintner group first - and the merger with the Winebow group after, Bill was able to smooth things over and he made us feel that everything was under control.

Bill has high working standards and his organizational and managerial skills are tremendous. I would like to thank him for being always honest, strait forward and transparent with us.

Therefore I highly recommend him for his abilities and work”.

Martin Gold, President

Martin Scott Wines, Ltd. (Retired)

“Bill Hayde and I worked together for 23 years. He is a conscientious professional in every way. There wasn't an assignment he could not handle, a situation he could not deal with nor a responsibility he was not willing to undertake. Time was never an issue. He worked until a task was completed.


Bill always had and always will have my confidence and trust.


He is a friend”.

Brian Larky

Founder, Dalla Terra

“I recommend Bill Hayde very highly. I’ve worked with Bill for many years while he was at Martin Scott Wines in New York and we became good friends who trust one another and as such I can speak not just to his professional abilities but to the type of person he is. We can only see so far into any body of work, the part that lies beneath can often be equally important – the type of person. Bill is honest, caring, a straight shooter, someone in whom you can trust your brand. In his new capacity, Bill brings a long and successful history of skills and experience to the table. Any winery looking to be successful in the US market should take a serious look at what Bill provides and consider it.


The USA is perhaps one of the largest and most challenging wine markets in the world. To be successful you need an experienced guide, Bill is just such a guide. Whether it is marketing support, traversing the complex compliance issues facing producers operating in multiple states or introduction to new markets, Bill Hayde can guide your brand to create a market presence and sales distribution in the US Market.


No market is more important, larger, established and wealthy than the American market. Don’t spend years learning about it, making expensive mistakes and doing it on our own. Hire an expert.”

Dave Holt

President, Dalla Terra | Winery Direct

“Dalla Terra has worked with Bill Hayde in his role as our portfolio manager at Martin Scott Wines for six years. I’m assured in saying that everyone on our team who interfaced with Bill, including myself, found him to be highly competent and enjoyable to work with.


Bill has provided a very informed stewardship of our Italian brands in one of the most important and challenging markets in the world. His combination of experience, organization, knowledge and collaboration exemplifies the qualities that are necessary to achieve the high results we expect at Dalla Terra from our distributor partners.


There was never a time during our professional relationship where I felt like we were on different sides/teams. I am sincere in saying we would welcome the opportunity to work with Bill again in the future. I have no doubt he will continue to provide an extremely high level of service and professionalism with his future clients and partners.”

Greg Ralston

Co-Founder and Vintner, Lavinea Winery

“By choice, I've worked with Bill in virtually every role I've had in the industry since the early 1990's.


Bill is a consummate professional with a deep understanding of the fine wine industry, his market and his portfolio. Pragmatic and direct, he's highly productive and efficient. Forward thinking and fun to work with, he consistently creates win-win solutions for himself and his partners.


Bill's organizational skills are exceptional, he possesses a strong work ethic and his curiosity provides the motivation to constantly advance his knowledge and understanding.


I look forward to continuing our professional and personal relationship.”

Brett Fleming

MD Tigerfish Brands, Ltd.

“Working with Bill over the last 5 years has been both a pleasure and an education. His application is second to none, and we simply could not have achieved what we have as a supplier into the aggressive New York market without his support. He carries a quite authority aligned with incredible people skills that make you want to be associated with him and his business.


I cannot recommend Bill highly enough. Any business would be significantly better off with Bill involved.


It has been my privilege to have worked with him.”

Luca Currado

“Con queste poche parole vorrei veramente raccomandare l'operato di Bill Hayde .Abbiamo lavorato con Bill a Martin Scott per parecchi anni .In tutti questi anni abbiamo potuto apprezzare l'ottimo lavoro fatto da Bill Hayde .La sua posizione all interno di Martin Scott è sempre stato un punto di riferimento per noi .Ci ha permesso di passare attraverso le trasformazioni della sua compagnia , sempre senza percepire cambiamenti o problematiche che sì sarebbero potute presentare .La puntualità delle risposte , l'organizzazione manageriale di Bill è sempre stata di grandissima qualità.Vorrei in oltre ringraziare Bill per la sempre trasparenza e onestà verso i nostri confronti.Quindi mi sento sicuramente, senza dubbio di poter consigliare le capacità e operato di Bill”.