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“Dalla Terra has worked with Bill Hayde in his role as our portfolio manager at Martin Scott Wines for six years.  I’m assured in saying that everyone on our team who interfaced with Bill, including myself, found him to be highly competent and enjoyable to work with.

Bill has provided a very informed stewardship of our Italian brands in one of the most important and challenging markets in the world.  His combination of experience, organization, knowledge and collaboration exemplifies the qualities that are necessary to achieve the high results we expect at Dalla Terra from our distributor partners.

There was never a time during our professional relationship where I felt like we were on different sides/teams.  I am sincere in saying we would welcome the opportunity to work with Bill again in the future.  I have no doubt he will continue to provide an extremely high level of service and professionalism with his future clients and partners.”

Dave Holt, President, Dalla Terra | Winery Direct

Dave Holt, Dalla Terra | Winery Direct