Assess. Identify. Implement. Succeed.

“I recommend Bill Hayde very highly.  I’ve worked with Bill for many years while he was at Martin Scott Wines in New York and we became good friends who trust one another and as such I can speak not just to his professional abilities but to the type of person he is.  We can only see so far into any body of work, the part that lies beneath can often be equally important – the type of person.  Bill is honest, caring, a straight shooter, someone in whom you can trust your brand.  In his new capacity, Bill brings a long and successful history of skills and experience to the table.  Any winery looking to be successful in the US market should take a serious look at what Bill provides and consider it.

The USA is perhaps one of the largest and most challenging wine markets in the world.  To be successful you need an experienced guide, Bill is just such a guide.  Whether it is marketing support, traversing the complex compliance issues facing producers operating in multiple states or introduction to new markets, Bill Hayde can guide your brand to create a market presence and sales distribution in the US Market.

No market is more important, larger, established and wealthy than the American market.  Don’t spend years learning about it, making expensive mistakes and doing it on our own.  Hire an expert.”

Brian Larky, Founder, Dalla Terra

Brian Larky, Dalla Terra